Via Francigena Bicycle Tour

Dear friends,
Summer is coming...and EmozioneAvventura is ready to announce

The Bike Tour on the Francigena Road 2nd edition

Duration: 7 days
Total Distance: 166.2 Km
Difficulty level: Medium
Road Fund: 50% asphalt and 50% gravel
Date: from July 28th to August 3rd
Fee: 200.00 €
Donation: 5% of the fee will be donated to cancer research


  • Maximun number of participants to the Via Francigena Bicycle Tour – 8
  • Medical insurance required
  • Bicycle tour will be led by Riccardo Agostini

For futher information please sand me an E-mail  

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What is Via Francigena Bicycle Tour ?
via francigena bike tour

The bike tour is a true pilgrimage along the road that connects Acquapendente to Rome.

The pilgrimage ends at St. Peter’s Basilica where the pilgrims receive the "testimonium".

As pilgrims we will sleep in premises for pilgrims, which means that we will stay in convents, private houses and sometimes on the floor of shelters. For those who prefer other solutions, it is possible to book a private room in hotels, b&b or guesthouses located along the route.

I (Riccardo Agostini) do not lead the way but the group will have to choose the route. This means we could sometimes loose our way, getting lost along the road and working together to find the right way to reach our daily destination.
I will share information about the route to follow only when I feel it necessary.

Participants will be equipped with bike bags against the rain, flashlight, map of the area (or the Via Francigena from Acquapendente to Rome), end points position, sleeping bag, mat.

Who is Via Francigena Bicycle Tour for?
via francigena bike tour

Who has never made a bike trip
for those too old or too young to do it
to those seeking answers to their questions
who is afraid of not succeeding
who wants to change
Who wants to see the world from a different perspective
who wants to grab his dream
those who want to explore their faith
who wants to study his own soul
who wants to analyze past and present of his life
those who want to set goals
who is willing to risk
those who want to get lost in the peace of nature or in the silence of a sacred place
who wants to meet new people
who wants to begin
who wants ... living!

Who is Via Francigena Bicycle Tour not for?

Experts bikers
Who's in a hurry
Who is afraid to loose the way along the route
Who thinks that I should decide the itinerary
Who wants to follow a path marked
Who is not able to live in group
Who is not willing to sleep and live for 7 days as a pilgrim

via francigena bike tourWhat is behind Via Francigena Bicycle Tour?

Before you get interested in this travel, it is important you understand the following point:

"It is not about cycling holidays."

Traveling with me on this millennial path means that you will renounce to the delightful options many tour operators are ready to offer you.
I ...
DO NOT offer luggage transfer
DO NOT book any hotels
DO NOT follow the directions of a GPS

You might ask to me:
"But then you do never get tired, you do always find hospitality and you do never loose your way along the trails?"
The answer is Yes I DO.
I lost my way many times, I slept under the stars and there have been occasions when I got off the bike and started pushing it.

"Why do I propose a bike tour with such mode?"
via francigena bike tour
I want you to go home richer than when you started
I want you to look in the mirror and not recognize yourself
I want you to shake your hands and make the compliments the one with the other because you have done it!
I want you to improve your self-esteem
I want you to recognize your uniqueness and your strength.
I want to see you take in hand your life and direct it towards your dreams!

Travelling does not mean seeing new places but having new eyes.

Having any kind of facilities, eating every day a hot meal, sleeping every night in a comfortable bed, being sure there is always someone ready to help you in case of need are all elements which nullify the effect of a miraculous journey.

Dreams safely produce gains without merit

via francigena bike tourWhy do you make a pilgrimage on the Via Francigena?

I always thought that ...

... people are not lazy, they just don’t have valid goals.

I decided to promote the
Via Francigena Bicycle Tour in order to provide to the traveler the right target and the right reason to keep pedaling.
Taking the Millennial path, riding the same roads on which so many men have passed before us, going to a sacred place, giving the right value to your goal.These are the reasons to approach to a pilgrimage.

If you still have doubts about making a pilgrimage on the Via Francigena.

via francigena bike tour
I suggest you reading some of the following sentences so that you can recognize yourself in one of them:

- I work all the year long and when I'm on vacation I want to rest!
It seems hard to believe but when you are back home after such an experience, it feels much more confident. The work we do is mentally tiring not physically and that’s the effect of a bicycle tour.

- We will have to walk many miles and I’m not well-trained
I have not talking about the road maps yet and you're already concerned about the distance? How many miles do you think you can cover in one day? Do you know which is the average speed of a bicycle? I guarantee you can do it even if you never got a bike! I am sure of it and you?

- I would do it, but I have no bike
No problem, I'll lend you it, You have just send a request before starting.

- I would love to do it, but I do not want to risk sleeping outside
My advice is to have a little tent to mount in case of need. You do not need a technical tent, all you need is a tent two places. If you do not have it, you have just send me a request before starting.

- I would be there but I'm afraid of getting lost
We will travel together in a small group of a min. of 4 to a max. of 14 people.
I’ll be at your side and even if I got lost several times I promise that you will always find your way home.
-You know, to a certain age it’s quite difficult to carry a heavy baggage
By following my tips, the weight will not exceed 15 kg and it will be borne mainly on the bike.

Programm of the bike tour on the Via Francigena

The bike tour is a question mark.
We will follow the roadmap, but we always end up modifying. I have planned a route which can give you a rough idea of the path. It has been divided in five stages of 33 km on average per day. We also have to calculate, as part of the journey, the day before the departure and the day after the arrival. This programm will give us the opportunity to visit the village of departure (Acquapendente) and then return from Rome to Orvieto by train to ride back to Acquapendente.
Tour lasts 7 days.

Via Francigena Bicycle Tour – 1st Day
via francigena bike tour acquapendente

The traveler is expected to arrive to Acquapendente.
Arrangement and presentation of the group of participants.
Bike tour and visit to the town of Acquapendente: Cathedral of St. Sepulchre, Julia de Jacopo tower, the church of San Francesco.
Release of the pilgrim's credential.
Food supply.
Dinner and presentation of the tour.

Via Francigena Bicycle Tour – 2nd Day 
via francigena bike tour bolsena

First stage
Acquapendente / Bolsena
Length: 21.5 miles
Vertical drop: 280m
Difficulty level: Easy
Breakfast and departure.
Bicycle tour through the city of San Lorenzo and visit to the churches of San Lorenzo and Santa Maria Assunta Martyr.
Arrival in Bolsena and visit to the Church of Santa Cristina and The Castle.
Food supply.
Dinner and overnight at the house of pilgrim in Bolsena.

Via Francigena Bicycle Tour – 3rd Day 
via francigena bike tour viterbo

Second stage
Bolsena / Viterbo
Length: 34.3 miles
Vertical drop: 720m
Difficulty level: medium
Breakfast and departure.
Bicycle tour through the city of Montefiascone and visit to the church of St. Flavian.
Accommodation at the house of pilgrim in Viterbo; bike tour around the city with a visit to San Pellegrino, the Pope’s Palace.
Food supply.
Dinner and overnight at the house of pilgrim in Viterbo.

Via Francigena Bicycle Tour – 4th Day 
via francigena bike tour capranica

Third stage
Viterbo / Capranica
Length: 35Km
Vertical drop: 575m
Difficulty level: medium
Breakfast and departure.
Bicycle tour through the city of San Martino and Vetralla.
Capranica, accommodation at the house of pilgrim and visit to the town of Capranica and the churches of Santa Maria and San Francisco.
Food supply.
Dinner at the house of pilgrim in Capranica.

Via Francigena Bicycle Tour – 5th Day
via francigena bike tour campagnano

Fourth stage
Capranica / Campagnano
Length: 31.7 miles
Vertical drop: 310m
Difficulty: Easy
Breakfast and departure.
Bicycle tour through the city of Sutri, amphitheater, rock church of Madonna del Parto.
Accommodation at the house of pilgrim in Campagnano; visit to the city.
Food supply.
Dinner at the house of pilgrim in Campagnano.

Via Francigena Bicycle Tour – 6th Day 
via francigena bike tour roma

Fifth stage
Campagnano / Rome
Length: 44km
Vertical drop: 290m
Difficulty level: Easy
Breakfast and departure.
Accommodation at the house of pilgrim in Rome. Withdrawal of "testimonium".

Via Francigena Bicycle Tour – 7th Day
In the morning we will take the train Rome-Orvieto. In the afternoon riding from Orvieto to Acquapendente.


Via Francigena Bicycle Tour wants to be unique, a chance to go on dreaming.

The cost of this tour is 200.00 € (20% must be paid in advance when you register).
prices via francigena bike tour
In this price is included dinner, breakfast and services offered for the first night. My guide and company (hopefully pleasant for you) for all seven days of the tour. I remind you that I will be just a travel companion and not a leader, I assure you it will be more fun! :-)
In addition, 5% of your subscription will be donated to cancer research.

I also estimated € 250.00 for extra you may incur along the trip (lodging, meals, return train). This will depend on you.

The history of Via Francigena

If you need some news of the route I suggested, you can take a quick look at this short tale of the path.

In the Middle Ages, pilgrims were leaving with only a knapsack and a stick and lived on alms. Today things have changed and modern pilgrims have replaced the knapsack and stick with a backpack and sleeping bag.
However, not all are so brave, to take their rucksack and set off alone.

Via Francigena was the road, or rather, the set of roads from the north of Europe led to Rome.
In the Middle Ages, from the fourth century after Christ was set in motion a stream of pilgrims wishing to visit the holy places: the poor monks or prelates, grandees or simple fervent started travelling to Europe driven by a great faith . There were three main places visited by pilgrims : Santiago de Compostela, Rome and Jerusalem. As the number of pilgrims increased, Europe was covered by a network of roads to reach these three destinations. Along these paths began to build churches and monasteries as well as hospitals and shelters to meet the needs of this crowd of people who traveled Europe on foot. The routes varied over time depending on the season, political situations, more or less the veneration for a saint or simply for practical reasons such as building a bridge to cross a river.

There were so many alternative routes that reached the same destination, but with the passing of time became more safe to follow the most popular streets, which often corresponded to the great Roman roads, where it was easier to find help and protection.
Only in the twentieth-century
Sigerico, Archbishop of Canterbury, made a written and detailed report on his trip to Rome. Nowadays, when talking about Francigena, we refer to this path even though there are alternative routes.

For example, pilgrims coming from Spain, France, Italy or from Compostela passed from Montgenevre or by following the coast road. Somebody else also landed in the port of Luni near Sarzana.

The most popular roads were still ancient routes, so that a good part of the Via Francigena follows the Via Aurelia and the Via Cassia. Nowadays they have become great arteries of traffic and therefore, not only unpleasant but also dangerous.

We will try to follow the path described by Sigerico while offering the opportunity to ride on dirt roads or secondary roads that do not deviate more than a dozen kilometers from the “official” path. In some cases, we have preferred a more ancient path, but the most striking and rich in works of art and notable buildings.

Riccardo Agostini - THANKS!

The Via Francigena Bike Tour is a very special trip and it is necessary adaptability and coexistence with the group.
During your tour you can run into a change of programm due to weather, blocked roads and so on. It does not depend on the organization.

I am at your disposal for any clarification.
Who is seriously interested and motivated can contact me.

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